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Applying the 4 Critical Steps to Business Success

  • Identify a Need, Desire or Requirement
  • Provide Products or Services That Fulfills It
  • Create a Process and System
  • Streamline the Process and System

Using the 5-Step Approach for Accomplishment

  • Create Your Vision
  • Set the Goals and Objectives
  • Plan Your Work
  • Work Your Plan
  • Evaluate Your Progress

Analyzing the 3 Primary Factors for Increasing Your Sales Revenue

  • Expanding Your Customer/Client Base
  • Increasing the Amount of New Sales, Purchases or Contracts
  • Increasing the Frequency of Repeat Sales, Purchases or Extensions

Learning the 6 Key Components of Effective Internet Marketing and Expanding Your Business Online

  • Identifying Your Target Market
  • Determining Your Primary Offer
  • Creating the Core Marketing Message
  • Formulating a Profitable Business Model
  • Selecting Your Primary Marketing Strategies
  • Measuring & Evaluating Your Results

Implementing the 10 Simple Internet Marketing Strategies for Professionals

  • Select & Research Your Niche Market
  • Content Rich Website/Blog with eCommerce
  • eZines, Newsletters & List Building
  • Digital Product Development (eBooks, Reports, eCourses, Audio/Video, Tools, etc)
  • Article Writing, Publishing & Blogging
  • Teleclasses & Webinars
  • Internet Radio Shows (Host Your Own, Appear as Guest on Others)
  • Membership Services & Other Resources
  • Online Social Networking
  • Strategic Partnerships and Affiliate Programs

Putting It All Together – 12 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business in 5 hours per week or Less!

  • Identify Your Niche Market & Ideal Client
  • Research & Select Related Keywords & Phrases
  • Create a Series of Articles and/or PodCast/Radio Show Topics
  • Write (1) Related Keyword Focused Article Per Week
  • Post the Article to Your Website or Blog
  • Submit the Article to Article Directories and eZine Publishers
  • Send the Article to Your Subscriber List with Radio Show or PodCast Announcement
  • Discuss Article on Radio Show with Guests & Callers
  • Add Show Link to Article on Your Website or Blog
  • Download Radio Show to Your Archive for Future Use.
  • Promote Your Radio Show & Article Feeds
  • At the end of the series, create eBooks, Special Reports, Audio Programs & Courses.