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Published by Jonn Thomas on 18 Feb 2009

The Six Keys to Living the Golden Life

What is the Golden Life? – Isn’t it when life is going great, when everything feels right, when life is synchronistic with all forms of living? Isn’t it when one is fully expressing oneself? Isn’t it when you’re free from worry or concern, when your inner voices are at peace and the chatter in your [...]

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Published by admin on 30 Apr 2008

The Power of Closure & Completion with Llenar Bragg

Join me and the creator of – Llenar Bragg as we explore the power of closure and completion. The show was live on May 6 at 3pm. Click here to listen the live broadcast. Listen to the show and leave your comments…

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 23 Apr 2008

Working Through Transitions In Your Life With Cherri Walston

Lifestyle Transition Coach – Cherri Walston shares about the Six Lessons for Moving the Mountains in Your Life. Click on the player below to hear her inspiring story and life journey. audio:JT_Show_08_04_23_Working_Through_Transitions.mp3]

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 02 Apr 2008

Awakening To Your Life's Purpose – A New Earth

The energy, the connections and the breakthroughs keep coming every Monday night! Stop the drama. Stop the unhappiness. Stop being stuck… Are you one of the millions that are being awakened by Eckard Tolle Book – A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose? How would you deal with difficult relationships and challenging situations? [...]

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 05 Mar 2008

Accessing The Power Within…

What If… Who you’re angry with is not out there, There is no one to blame (including you), Everything outside of you is a reflection of you, Your eyes can only see what my brain knows, There really is No Out There…Out There. What would you do? What would you see? How would you deal [...]

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 02 Jan 2008

Are you ready for to Get Straight in 2008?

Here’s a simple 4-step process: Clarity of Vision Focused Attention Being Authentic Honoring Your Word Before you rush off and create your next New Years’s Resolution, you may want to check out what our guest had to say! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 04 Dec 2007

Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction

Have you ever wondered how does what we say today impact our lives tomorrow? Our choice of words can move us in a direction toward or away from effective personal and professional relationships and we are in charge of that choice. Positive direction means that the words we speak steer us toward the successes or [...]

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 21 Nov 2007

What Are You Thankful For?

As I examine my life, my first thoughts are normally about what’s not work or what I don’t like about it. Most of the time, I’m looking at what I’m doing wrong or the mistakes that I have made along the way or second guessing my decisions and choices. Even though this is probably not the most empowering way to look at life, I still find myself visiting this dark and gloomy place. Do you know what I mean?

I know that I’m suppose to stay positive and empowered and stand in my vision. However, it seems so hard some time. Ya know?

Fortunately, I have an opportunity to look at what I’m thankful for…instead of what’s not working. I can spend my time acknowledging what is working…instead of what’s wrong. I now realize that I can powerfully accept past decisions and choices that I have made in my life, then use them to discover the lesson that life is teaching me.

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 07 Nov 2007

Falling Awake….Discovering Your Essential Self

In today’s fast times, we are all very busy getting things done.  For most of us, it all starts in the morning somewhere between 5am – 9am. We get up, brush our teeth, shower, put on our clothes, eat breakfast, get the kids ready for school, clean up, take out the trash and a variety of [...]

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Published by Jonn Thomas on 31 Oct 2007

What's On Your Mind? (Live Coaching and Commentary)

On this show, I share about my review of the “20 Ways to Make $100 per day on the Internet Part-time. Click on the player below to listen to the show. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Use the following link to read my initial review:

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