The Power of Vision and Living Your Life On Purpose

Create The Vision – The vision serves as a context for your business & your life. It shapes your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. It’s the big picture and it expresses a part of who you are. We will start with helping you create both a personal vision and a vision for your business. If you already have a vision, we will help you identify and eliminate activities that are inconsistent – leaving you with access to more personal power, clarity & confidence.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What about 10 years? How about 25 years from now? Where do you see your organization? What are you creating for you life, your family and your community? These are the kinds of questions to start you on the way to creating a powerful vision. Start with your vision. Speak your vision! Be your vision! Next, do only the things that are consistent with your vision. Then, you will have every thing that comes with your vision.

Set The Goal – Goal setting is a critical element to your success. A goal must be specific & measurable. It has a definite date & time for its accomplishments. Its fulfillment should be inspiring to you and others in your life or business. Most people set goals based on what they know they can do or what they think they can do. We invite you to set goals based on what you want.

Creating goals from what you know or what you think is from the past. Creating goals from what you want, your life or your dreams is from the future. The purpose of the goal is to increase your awareness. For example, let’s say that you are just getting started in a part time professional services business like consulting or coaching. During your first year, you generated $25,000 in revenue. You have been contemplating going into business full-time. Based on the $40,000 a year salary of your current 50 – 60 hours per week full-time job, you decide that you will need at least $40,000 – $50,000 per year as a coach or consultant.

This goal is based on what you know or what you think you can accomplish. However, what you really want is to earn at least $75,000 per year while only working 25 – 35 hours per week. You want to work from home and spend more quality time with your young children. If you would be willing to put aside what you know for a moment and look from what you want, you would began to ask the kinds of questions required to increase your awareness. There are many people who earn $75,000 – $100,000 or more each and every year. The only advantage that they have is that they are aware of how to do it. They approach what they want and how to get it from separate places. They set the goal first, and then figure out how.

Do you have life and business goals? Are they written down? Do you review them regularly? Have you shared them with others? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What would you have accomplished? What about in 3 years? How about a year from today or 90 days from now? What will you accomplish in the next 30 days or even next week? These kinds of questions combined with written goals, establishes a strong foundation for success in life & business.

On our radio show today, I asked my guest co-hosts – (Visionary for Women, Author & Poet – Lisa Thomas along with The Reality Coach and Author of Your Megaginormous Rules – Fred Tutwiler) to share their thoughts with our radio audience. We were also joined by the Creator of – Llenar (aka Danita Bragg).

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15 Ways To Grow Your Business Online

Having a great looking website is just the beginning. It takes more than that to create a high demand for your offer. It takes planning, marketing & organizing your business to expand your reach and handle the demand. Here are a few strategies to help you along your way.  

**** Internet Marketing Preparation

**** Planning and preparation is at the heart of all of your strategies. It is where you determine the most effective approach to creating a successful internet marketing campaign.

Marketing Plan Development – All great marketing campaigns start with a clear, concise & effective plan with specific measurable results. As the old saying goes – “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.”

Keyword Phrase Analysis – Identifying the keywords or keyword phrases is the next step in creating an effective internet marketing strategy. Starting with a few root terms or phrases, conduct an extensive analysis of at least 100 keywords and how frequently they are search for over the internet each month.

Keyword Phrase Selection – After conducting the initial Keyword Phrase Analysis, you are now prepared to begin identifying the absolute best words and phrases for your marketing strategies and content development.

Website Theme & Description Development – By focusing on a major theme, your website becomes more that just another dot com. It because a valuable resource for your customers and visitors. It improves the overall experience and delivers high value.

**** Core Marketing Strategies ****

These strategies are the building blocks for your internet marketing success. They are fundamental to producing cost effective results and have stood the test of time. Each core strategy is a proven method for generating targeted buyers or users to your website. When combined with a comprehensive marketing plan, you are literally guaranteed success! 

Search Engine Optimization & Placement – Winning at the Search Engine Game is one of the most effective ways to promote your website and build your company! However, it is not the easiest game to play. It takes planning, preparation and patients. It takes completing the above internet marketing preparation, then creating website content that is keyword focused.

Keyword Landing Pages – In addition to selecting the best possible keyword phrases, you need to create 10 – 15 content rich website pages that focus on the terms. These pages could be articles, tips, advice, in-depth case studies, expanded product or service descriptions, etc.

Strategic & Reciprocal Links – As you know, “No Man is an Island” and neither is your website. Finding the right sites to link to yours is a very powerful strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing – Performance based marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available. By displaying targeted ads to targeted prospects, pay-per-click advertising allows you to pay only if a prospective visitor actually comes to your website. Sometimes as little as 10 cents! You are not charge for the number of times that you ad is seen – only when they click thru to offer!

Electronic Newsletter or Ezine Publishing – Since the invention of the internet, communicating by email has been one of the most cost effective ways to stay in contact with your customers and prospects. Even though, we are now dealing with the enormous amount of unsolicited advertising, it is still “King”.

**** Advanced Marketing Strategies ****

These strategies extend the Core Marketing Strategies. They are designed to further capitalize on an already existing internet marketing foundation.

Autoresponder Email Campaigns – By using Auto Responder Technology, you can put your messages on autopilot. Send a series of messages promoting your products and services or create your own e-course to be delivered automatically over a specific time period.

It’s a well-established fact that autoresponders are a necessary tool for selling online, because they automate the follow-up sales process. This means few (people) can do the work of many (people.)

Targeted Email Campaigns – Every business needs to communicate with their customers and prospects, and any business can get results quickly, easily and cost effectively using permission-based email marketing.

It’s Inexpensive… It’s Effective… It’s Immediate… It’s Targeted… It’s Easy!

“54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts.”

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses of all types and sizes. No matter how you define success, you can achieve outstanding results with email marketing while investing only a small amount of time and an even smaller amount of money…

Affiliate Partner Programs – Starting your own affiliate program is a very powerful way leverage your existing website and generate revenue for yourself and others. In short, it is a very simple concept. You give your affiliate partners a special link that is unique to them.

They place it on their website, include it in their newsletters, and/or promote it in their email campaigns. When one of their visitors or readers buy something or sign up for something, you will pay them a commission.

Online Directories & Vertical Portal Submission – On the Internet, every industry or market segment has 100s or even 1,000s of unique online portals and specialized directories. By placing your website name/address, description and other pertinent information, you can drastically increase the amount of pre-qualified visitors to your website.

Article/eZine Marketing Campaigns – Once you have created a series of articles about your area of expertise, it is really easy to find others that will publish it to their subscribers and in some instances, even pay you for it. In most case, one of the best ways to use your existing content is to have 1,000s of article directories & ezines circulating your articles to 100,000s visitors/subscribers with your byline and contact info.  There are a number of online resources that will help link ezine publishers & article directories with article writers.

Key Product Landing Pages – In conjunction with your search engine optimization strategies, creating key product landing pages is an excellent way to leverage your overall internet marketing strategy.  These specially designed web pages should include detailed information, customer reviews and comments about a specific product or product lines.

For a complete overview of these strategies, download the Internet Marketing Guide and Overview at

About The Author

Jonn Thomas is the President/CEO of VBO Corporation ( – An eCommerce Development & Internet Marketing Firm. He is also the Founder of – The Minority Business and the Creator of For more info, contact him at

The Power of Attraction – Part 1

Consider this…Everything that’s happening in your life – right now, you have attracted!

If you have a great relationship, you attracted it. If you are struggling with money, you have attracted. If you find yourself happy with your life, you have attracted it. If you blaming someone else, you have attracted that as well.

The Universal Law of Attraction works like any other universal law. It works all the time and it works everytime!

Now, I have to tell you…it took me some time to begin to accept this universal law. For the life of me, I just couldn’t understand why I would go through these periods of feeling like I’m on top of the world and then periods of feeling like I’m inadequate.

Do you know what I mean? Have you ever had that kind of experience?

For the last few years, I’ve been examining what I have attracted. I’ve been looking at my relationships – the really empowering ones and the not-so empowering ones. I’ve been looking at my business & personal finance. Some areas are really exciting, while others could stand lots of improvement. I’ve been looking at my health and the aches and pains that I have attracted. I’ve just been looking at every area of my life – the good, the bad & the ugly. (That was actually the name of a old Clint Eastwood movie)

One of the great realizations of accepting the Law of Attraction is that somewhere along the way, you will discover that you can attract anything that you want in life…I really do mean anything!

As you begin to understand the real power of attraction, you will begin to create and concentrate on what you really want out of life. Love, Romance, Money, Respect, Power, Freedom & Full Self-Expression.

It’s all yours for the asking…If you are willing to Ask for what you really want, Believe that it is already yours with absolute certainty that you deserve it and prepare yourself to Receive it…then, begin to take the actions required to put yourself in position. You must be an opening, a clearing, available to receive what you are asking for. This has been the hardest part for me and is typically the hardest part for most people. Sometimes along the way, I stop believing and at that point the universe stops working on my behalf.

For more information about the Universal Law of Attraction, you can search the internet for additional books, websites and other training programs. I also recommend that you watch the move – “The Secret” ( or contact me and I’ll tell you about me experiences and help you use the Power of Attraction in your life, career or business.

Another resource that you might want to check out that will help you set yourself up to receive is the Science of Simpleology by Mark Joyner. (

For more insightful strategies for living, working & playing full-out, visit