Are you looking for a more effective way to grow your business and transform your lifestyle?

Jonn ThomasOur Building Your Business By Design Coaching Program offers you a clear step-by-step approach to growing your business.

It is a unique customized Lifestyle Transformation, Business Development and Internet Marketing Coaching Program.

It has been designed to inspire, educate, motivate and challenge you to have your best business year ever!

Are you looking forward to ending your struggle and easing your growing pains?

Here are a few benefits you can expect from our program:

  • A clear pathway for taking your business beyond your current boundaries.
  • Become a master at planning & reaching your business goals.
  • Create powerful teams & generate an increase in your overall sales revenue.
  • Transform your current level of power, performance & productivity.
  • Refine your strategies for marketing, delivery & management.
    Access to better control and management of your enterprise.

During the course of the program, you will be thoroughly trained in the following 8 key strategies:

  • Creating Your 3-Year Vision & Goals for your Life & Business
  • Attracting Your “Ideal Client”
  • Promoting Your Business Effectively
  • Fulfilling the “Real Needs” of your “Ideal Client”
  • Creating a Synergistic Business Referral Network
  • Organizing Your Office, Time, Money & Other Resources
  • Building & Leading a Powerful Support Team
  • Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Other Concepts & Strategies Covered:

  • Analyzing the 3 Primary Factors for Increasing Your Sales Revenue
  • Applying the 4 Critical Steps to Business Success / Using the 5 Step Approach for Accomplishment
  • Learning the 6 Key Components of Effective Internet Marketing and Expanding Your Business Online
  • Implementing the 10 Simple Internet Marketing Strategies for Professionals
  • Putting It All Together -12 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business in 5 hours per week or Less!

Could you get excited about creating a clear pathway for taking your business beyond your current boundaries?

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