Building Your Business By Design Coaching Program


Are you looking for a more effective way to grow your business and transform your lifestyle?

Our Building Your Business By Design Coaching Program offers you a clear step-by-step approach to growing your business.  It is a unique customized Lifestyle Transformation, Business Development and Internet Marketing Coaching Program. It has been designed to inspire, educate, motivate and challenge you to have your best business year ever!

Wouldn’t it be helpful, if we could show you how to take your business to the next level?

Here are just a few areas that will get addressed in our program:

  • Your relationship to the Vision for Your Life & Business
  • Gain more power with the Goals that Fulfill Your Vision
  • Strategically Building Your Networks & Supports Teams
  • Creating/Refining Your Products or Service Offering
  • Writing your Preliminary Business & Operational Plans
  • Streamlining Your Process & Expanding Your Offering


Could you get excited about creating a clear pathway for taking your business beyond your current boundaries?

Our seasoned business development coaches & consultants will teach you how to build a profitable enterprise using the 8 key strategies of highly effective small business owners and managers.

During the course of the program, you will be thoroughly trained in the following 8 key strategies:

  • Creating Your 3-Year Vision & Goals for your Life & Business
  • Attracting Your “Ideal Client”
  • Promoting Your Business Effectively
  • Fulfilling the “Real Needs” of your “Ideal Client”
  • Creating a Synergistic Business Referral Network
  • Organizing Your Office, Time, Money & Other Resources
  • Building & Leading a Powerful Support Team
  • Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Other Concepts & Strategies Covered:

  • Analyzing the 3 Primary Factors for Increasing Your Sales Revenue
  • Applying the 4 Critical Steps to Business Success / Using the 5 Step Approach for Accomplishment
  • Learning the 6 Key Components of Effective Internet Marketing and Expanding Your Business Online
  • Implementing the 10 Simple Internet Marketing Strategies for Professionals
  • Putting It All Together -12 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business in 5 hours per week or Less!


Are you looking forward to us being able to end your struggle and ease your growing pains?

Here are a few benefits you can expect from our program:

  • A clear pathway for taking your business beyond your current boundaries.
  • Become a master at planning & reaching your business goals.
  • Create powerful teams & generate an increase in your overall sales revenue.
  • Transform your current level of power, performance & productivity.
  • Refine your strategies for marketing, delivery & management.
  • Access to better control and management of your enterprise.

I want for you to . . .

  • Understand and Manage Your Most Valuable Asset – YOU – To recognize and activate your potential is truly a gift for yourself and those around you.  I am skilled at discovering and reflecting your wealth of potential.  I believe in the worth and dignity of every individual.
  • Achieve Your Goals, Dreams and Objectives – Often our life dreams go untapped and unrealized.  I will work with you to define and refine your life vision.  Through the use of creative techniques we identify your passions and your life purposes.  I believe that any dream is worth living.
  • Design Plans to Catapult You to Where You Want To Be – One of my gifts is productive planning and infrastructure development.  When we discover who you really are and what you want, we can partner in creating plans, strategies & systems.  I am here to partner with you in solving problems and overcoming obstacles to reach your dreams, goals and objectives.  I believe that strategic thinking and planning is integral to productivity.
  • Take Action, More Than You Even Dreamed Was Possible – The synergistic relationship between Coach and Client can allow incredible things to happen.  A coach supplies accountability, support and perspective.  As a result, you may find the impossible becoming possible.  I believe dreams can become realities.

Program Structure & Costs:

  • Fast Start Period – (1) 45min – 60min Call Each Week for 4 Straight Weeks or (2) 90min Meetings
  • Growth & Support – (1) 45min – 60min Call Every Other Week for 3 – 6 Months
  • Unlimited Email & Spot Coaching Calls during Program
  • Business Model & Process Review / Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning & Brainstorming Sessions
  • Other Related Coaching & Consulting
  • Standard Coaching Fees (Waived): $300 per hour (Minimum 3 hours)
  • Program Investment (Special Price) : $300 Initial Payment, then $150 every other week


Contact me to get started today at 336.790.4123 or click here to complete the online contact form!