About Your Coach – Jonn Thomas

Mr. Thomas is committed that we all get access to what we need to fully be who we are. He is also committed that we develop our god given gifts and share them with the world. He is married to a wonderful woman – Lisa and they celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary and 19th year of being in relationship on September 10th.

He saids, “We all have our own unique gifts & talents. I believe that it is the greatest gift that we can give is the gift of really being ourselves.

In your heart of hearts, I know that you have something to give the world. I know that you have a vision for yourself and for the world. I invite you to develop your vision and gifts, then share it with your family, your friends, your community and possibly even the world. Imagine that! What would life be like if you were fully being who you are?”

One of his gifts is the ability to coach others in realizing their full potential in the areas of leadership, communications and full self-expressed in every area of our life – at work, at home and at play.

For the last 10 years or so, he has personally coached or trained nearly 1,000 people in the areas of business, personal power, career, relationships, goal setting, project management, leadership and their visions.

He is the president of VBO Corporation – The VBO Team specializes in providing its clients with high-tech internet based products and services that make it easier and more efficient to do business. Simple to use, effective result oriented & user-friendly, efficient solutions form the cornerstone of VBO’s foundation.

Mr. Thomas has been providing Business Development Strategies, Technology Services & Management Systems for nearly 25 years. Download his free Internet Marketing Guide & Overview at http://www.vbocommerce.com/.

His company also maintains one the most recommended Minority Business Resource Center on the Internet & 2nd Largest Minority Business Directory Online – MBNet.com. Join over 8,000 Minority & Women Business Owners, Purchasing Agents & Government Buyers for free – http://www.mbnet.com/

His Overall Vision & Mission is:

  • To transform our client’s business or organization into a streamlined-efficient extraordinary results producing machine.
  • To provide our clients with extraordinary client care, leaving them fulfilled and satisfied.
  • To provide high quality products & services, generating unprecedented results for our clients.
  • To train & empower our employees & business partners to fulfilled their self-expression through their job, living a life that they love.
  • To make a positive impact on industry & society, providing a new level of responsibility & commitment.

Join him in his quest to serve as a Beacon and Light for Spiritual & Financial Prosperity – Creating a Legacy of Wealth for Generations to Come.