What’s your dream?

On Monday – January 21st, I went to the 15th Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast in Fayetteville, NC. There must have been over 2,000 people in attendance – It was wonderful and very inspiring!

As I sat there at the table with my wife, my mother and a few of the local elected officials, I began to wonder about my dreams. I started to think about the ones that have come true and the ones that I have given up on.

I began to wonder if other people would like to share about their dreams. As a result, I’ve decided to have a special radio show on about the fulfillment of our dreams.

Check it out by clicking on the player below. After you listen, please share your comments.

[audio:JT_Show_08_01_23_What’s Your_Dream.mp3]

Back To Basics – Part 1

This show is about getting back to the basics in business.

It’s a real candid look at what it takes to run a successful small business.


Do you have the look?

Click on the player below to listen to Fred Watts – Embroidme Franchise Owner and Creator of BusinessCasualUSA.com as he shares about getting it straight in 2008.

Mr Watts is a Retired IBM Executive and he tells it like it is…

His “Just the facts, mam” attitude has contributed to his success as a business man.

On this show, he talks about the importance of your business look.


Are you ready for to Get Straight in 2008?

Here’s a simple 4-step process:

  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Focused Attention
  3. Being Authentic
  4. Honoring Your Word

Before you rush off and create your next New Years’s Resolution, you may want to check out what our guest had to say!