20 Ways To Make $100 a Day Part-Time On The Internet

I am in the process of reviewing one of the best eBooks about easily making money on the internet.

It was put together by long time internet marketing expert – Willie Crawford and members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

I’ve read a few of the “20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Part-Time on the Internet” and they are solid.

Each one is written by an recognized internet marketing expert that has real life pratical experience making money online. Click here to visit the website!

A few of my personal favorite sections are:

  • The Right Mindset to Make $100 a Day by Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian
  • Simple & Profitable Online Membership Sites by Thea Swafford
  • Profitable Niche Marketing by Case Stevens
  • Creating and Selling Your Software Online by David Schwartz
  • Branding: Making Yourself “Memorable” On A Small Budget by Patrick Pretty
  • The Power of Affliate Marketing by Willie Crawford

After the book was created, a panel of online business experts reviewed each chapter and put it through “real-world” test to issure that the “average person” could actually make any one of the strategies work.

I’ve also reviewed them to make sure that they are simple, proven and easy to setup.

If you are just getting started and looking for a way to make at least $100 a day part-time, then I recommend that you buy this eBook for $27. It is definitely worth it!

If you have already mastered the art of making $3,000 per month or more, then this eBook will help you expand to the next level.

Here’s the link to the website: 20 Ways to Make $100 a Day Part-Time on the Internet!

After you download it and read a few of the chapters, give me a call at 336.790.4123 or drop me a line – online contact form.

Identifying Your “Ideal Client” and Niche Market

Most people start their business for a variety of reasons. Some are really passionate about something and they are committed to sharing it. Some want to improve the quality of their life and the lives around them. Some are just looking for a way to make money. Some just want to make a difference. No matter how they get started, most people decide what they want to offer and then go find the market to offer it to. This is the hard way!

Now, while this is a valid approach and has proven to be successful for some, it is not for most. Statistics say that 95% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years. That means only 5% remain in business, some just over survival – struggling to make ends meet.

How do you improve your odds? How do you become one of the very successful thriving businesses? You do what they do! Do your homework first! Find out what the people in your target market really need!

Ask them! What are the problems that they are having with your competition? What are some of their aches and pains? What are their dreams, their wishes & their commitments? What are their demographics, psychographics, & spending habits?

The more you know about them, the better you can serve them. The better you can serve them, the more loyal they will be to your business – causing you to be more successful – Ergo “The more you know about them, the more successful you will become”. Simply stated, find out what they want and sell it to them!

One way to approach building your business is to take some time and distinguish your “Ideal Client”. By getting clear about who they are, it becomes much easier to find them and present your offer. You want to identify Who, What, Where & Why…

Your “Ideal Client” is looking for what you have to offer at the opitimum level that you would like to provide it. Here are a few elements to help you along the way:

  • Desire/Require – Your products or services solves a problem,  fulfills an emotional need or supplies a requirement.
  • Immediate Need – An acknowledgement or committment to acquire your products or services within the next 30-60 days.
  • Means of Acquisition – Your offers are viewed as a “high value proposition” and they have access to the financial resources to acquire your products or services.

If you are currently marketing to individuals, companies or organizations that do not meet the above criteria, then you are probably not getting the results that you want!

Sometimes, we discount our prices or agree to jobs that end up costing more than they are worth in the long run. We may even find ourselves spending a lot of time doing business that really doesn’t allow us to best serve our clients.

The next area to identify is Who – This is the most basic group of your “Ideal Client”. Your target or niche market is not everybody. It’s fairly difficult to market to everybody unless you really have deep pockets. Even if you don’t, it may not be the best use of your marketing and advertising dollars. I recommend that you start with determining the best match for your products and/or services.

For example, if you are a Small Business Coach/Consultant, then your most basic group would be Small Business Owners and Managers looking to solve a particular problem or to achieve a desired goal in there business. You may want to become an expert in a specific area of business – like internet marketing, strategic planning, direct marketing, sales training, etc.

As an expert in direct marketing, you are recognized as someone that helps small business owners increase their sales using a combination of cost effective direct mail strategies. You can then provide the concept, copy writing, database, delivery & consulting as a part of your offer.

You can also write articles, books and  special reports on your area of expertise to provide your current and prospective clients. Seminars and workshops are another great way to add value to your clients.

Another example would be if your were a mortgage broker, then your most basic group would be People Looking for Money to Buy a House.  As a Retailer or Distributor, your most basic group would be Shoppers/Buyers are Seeking to Purchase Your Products.

Are you starting see what I’m talking about? It’s not everybody. It’s a very unique group that have that have the desire or require, an immediate need and the means to acquire.

The next area to examine is What – This is the Demographics and Psychographics of your niche market. What do you know about them? Here are some areas to consider:

  • Ackes & Pains, Challanges & Problems
  • Vision & Goals, Wants & Desires
  • Commitments and other Interests
  • Ages, Gender & Marital Status
  • Occupation & Income
  • Residence & Automobiles
  • Education, Training, Degrees & Certifications
  • Savings, Investments, Money Management & Credit/Debt
  • Family Orientation, Children, Siblings
  • Recreation, Travel, Vacation
  • Health, Well-Being & Spiritual Beliefs

The next area to take a look at is Where – These are the places where your “Ideal Client” can be found. It is helpful to identify locations and resources that are already providing products and services to your niche market. Here are a few to start researching:

  • Newspapers, Magazines & Websites
  • Television & Radio Shows
  • Associations, Organizations & Groups
  • Shopping Centers, Stores & Restaurants

The final area to identify is Why – This is probably the most important one of all. It defines your Unique Value Propostion. It’s what sets you apart from your competition. Your “Why” is the main reason your “Ideal Client” chooses you, your products and/or services. Here are a few components to consider:

  • What is your Story, Life Experience and Professional Experience?
  • What about your Accomplishments, Awards, Degrees and Accolades?
  • What is it that only You Can Provide your Offer to Them the Way that You Do?

As you are probably beginning to see, it is much easier and far more profitable to identify your “Ideal Client”. All of your marketing messages, website content, referral partners and strategic relationships should be consistant with serving your client.

If you would like some additional support on Niche Marketing and Identifying Your “Ideal Client”, please listen to following interview with Results Life Coach of the Year – Bill Davis.


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Learning The 6-Key Components of Effective Internet Marketing

This was a really hot segment on the Radio Show today! My guests were Mary Walston with Life Solutions Unlimited and Marc Cram of Cram Investment Group. We were also joined by No-Out-There.com Creator Llenar.

It was like a live seminar as we walked through the 6-Key Components and how they could be applied to your business. Here some of the topics that we covered:

  • Identifying Your Target Market
  • Determining Your Primary Offer
  • Creating the Core Marketing Message
  • Formulating a Profitable Business Model
  • Selecting Your Primary Marketing Strategies
  • Measuring & Evaluating Your Results

Click on the player below to listen to this 90-minute segment!


Click here to visit the Radio Show page for a listing of upcoming shows, as well as the other previous segments.

The Power of Vision and Living Your Life On Purpose

Create The Vision – The vision serves as a context for your business & your life. It shapes your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. It’s the big picture and it expresses a part of who you are. We will start with helping you create both a personal vision and a vision for your business. If you already have a vision, we will help you identify and eliminate activities that are inconsistent – leaving you with access to more personal power, clarity & confidence.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What about 10 years? How about 25 years from now? Where do you see your organization? What are you creating for you life, your family and your community? These are the kinds of questions to start you on the way to creating a powerful vision. Start with your vision. Speak your vision! Be your vision! Next, do only the things that are consistent with your vision. Then, you will have every thing that comes with your vision.

Set The Goal – Goal setting is a critical element to your success. A goal must be specific & measurable. It has a definite date & time for its accomplishments. Its fulfillment should be inspiring to you and others in your life or business. Most people set goals based on what they know they can do or what they think they can do. We invite you to set goals based on what you want.

Creating goals from what you know or what you think is from the past. Creating goals from what you want, your life or your dreams is from the future. The purpose of the goal is to increase your awareness. For example, let’s say that you are just getting started in a part time professional services business like consulting or coaching. During your first year, you generated $25,000 in revenue. You have been contemplating going into business full-time. Based on the $40,000 a year salary of your current 50 – 60 hours per week full-time job, you decide that you will need at least $40,000 – $50,000 per year as a coach or consultant.

This goal is based on what you know or what you think you can accomplish. However, what you really want is to earn at least $75,000 per year while only working 25 – 35 hours per week. You want to work from home and spend more quality time with your young children. If you would be willing to put aside what you know for a moment and look from what you want, you would began to ask the kinds of questions required to increase your awareness. There are many people who earn $75,000 – $100,000 or more each and every year. The only advantage that they have is that they are aware of how to do it. They approach what they want and how to get it from separate places. They set the goal first, and then figure out how.

Do you have life and business goals? Are they written down? Do you review them regularly? Have you shared them with others? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? What would you have accomplished? What about in 3 years? How about a year from today or 90 days from now? What will you accomplish in the next 30 days or even next week? These kinds of questions combined with written goals, establishes a strong foundation for success in life & business.

On our radio show today, I asked my guest co-hosts – (Visionary for Women, Author & Poet – Lisa Thomas along with The Reality Coach and Author of Your Megaginormous Rules – Fred Tutwiler) to share their thoughts with our radio audience. We were also joined by the Creator of No-Out-There.com – Llenar (aka Danita Bragg).

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