Transforming Your Business Mindset with Lalita Amos

On the show this week is a very dear friend of mine and an extraordinary woman.

Lalita Amos started her company over a decade ago after 15 years in Team and Leadership Development, Training and Human Resources in Fortune 500 companies and an international non-profit organization.

As a long-time business owner, Lalita understands the pressures business owners face. The clients she coaches count on her for a unique perspective, creative problem solving and generous partnership.

With her or one of her affiliate coaches as their coach, people are unstoppable about what’s important to them — their businesses, their careers and their lives.

Use the following link to find out more:

Use the player below and follow along as she talks about transforming your business and your mindset!


Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose – A New Earth

The energy, the connections and the breakthroughs keep coming every Monday night! Stop the drama. Stop the unhappiness. Stop being stuck…

Are you one of the millions that are being awakened by Eckard Tolle Book – A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose?

How would you deal with difficult relationships and challenging situations?

What new possibilities could you create for your life?

Click on the player below to listen to a powerful life transforming conversation.


Accessing The Power Within…

What If…

Who you’re angry with is not out there,

There is no one to blame (including you),

Everything outside of you is a reflection of you,

Your eyes can only see what my brain knows,

There really is No Out There…Out There.

What would you do? What would you see?

How would you deal with difficult relationships and challenging situations?

What new possibilities could you create for your life?

Click on the player below and listen as we engage in a powerful interview with Llenar Bragg – Founder of and Creator of the No-Out-There Workshop.


What’s your dream?

On Monday – January 21st, I went to the 15th Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast in Fayetteville, NC. There must have been over 2,000 people in attendance – It was wonderful and very inspiring!

As I sat there at the table with my wife, my mother and a few of the local elected officials, I began to wonder about my dreams. I started to think about the ones that have come true and the ones that I have given up on.

I began to wonder if other people would like to share about their dreams. As a result, I’ve decided to have a special radio show on about the fulfillment of our dreams.

Check it out by clicking on the player below. After you listen, please share your comments.

[audio:JT_Show_08_01_23_What’s Your_Dream.mp3]

Back To Basics – Part 1

This show is about getting back to the basics in business.

It’s a real candid look at what it takes to run a successful small business.


Do you have the look?

Click on the player below to listen to Fred Watts – Embroidme Franchise Owner and Creator of as he shares about getting it straight in 2008.

Mr Watts is a Retired IBM Executive and he tells it like it is…

His “Just the facts, mam” attitude has contributed to his success as a business man.

On this show, he talks about the importance of your business look.


Are you ready for to Get Straight in 2008?

Here’s a simple 4-step process:

  1. Clarity of Vision
  2. Focused Attention
  3. Being Authentic
  4. Honoring Your Word

Before you rush off and create your next New Years’s Resolution, you may want to check out what our guest had to say!


12 Ways to Promote Your Business Online in 5 Hours or Less Each Week (Live Seminar)

Putting It All Together – 12 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business in 5 hours per week or Less!

  • Identify Your Niche Market & Ideal Client
  • Research & Select Related Keywords & Phrases
  • Create a Series of Articles and/or PodCast/Radio Show Topics
  • Write (1) Related Keyword Focused Article Per Week
  • Post the Article to Your Website or Blog
  • Submit the Article to Article Directories and eZine Publishers
  • Send the Article to Your Subscriber List with Radio Show or PodCast Announcement
  • Discuss Article on Radio Show with Guests & Callers
  • Add Show Link to Article on Your Website or Blog
  • Download Radio Show to Your Archive for Future Use.
  • Promote Your Radio Show & Article Feeds
  • At the end of the series, create eBooks, Special Reports, Audio Programs & Courses.